Why Prey Doesn’t Include Iconic Predator Weapon Plasma Caster

Why Prey Doesn't Include Iconic Predator Weapon Plasma Caster

Prequel movie director Dan Trachtenberg explains why Prey won’t include the Predator’s iconic plasma caster weapon as he battles a Comanche warrior.

Prey will mark more than one major change in the Predator franchise as the powerful alien threat will be without one of his iconic weapons for the prequel movie. 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg has been quietly developing the film with an unnamed writer and Predator franchise producer John Davis for over five years, initially planned to keep it a secret under the production title of Skulls. The film was confirmed to be the fifth Predator movie in late 2020 with Prey acting as its new title.

Legion star Amber Midthunder is leading the cast of Prey as Naru, a Comanche warrior living in the Great Plains in the early 1700s as her and her tribe come under threat by the technologically advanced Predator, requiring her to rise up and prove her doubters wrong to protect those she loves. Alongside Midthunder, Dane DiLiegro is starring as the Predator with Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush and Julian Black Antelope all portraying undisclosed characters. Prey is gearing up to hit Hulu this August and the filmmakers behind the film are sharing new insight for what’s to come from the Predator prequel movie.


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While speaking with Empire to discuss the official trailer for the film, Dan Trachtenberg revealed a surprising detail for Prey. The prequel movie director revealed that the Predator will not utilize his iconic weapon of the plasma caster as he explains it would affect the alien’s hunt, but teases new gadgets will be seen. Check out what Trachtenberg said below:

“The primary thing that I wanted to remove was the plasma caster. Just because it just felt like such an instant win button. I wanted to make sure that the fight could be as exciting as possible without stripping it of its advantages. He doesn’t have all the tools that he has in the in newer movies. But he does have awesome new gadgets for people to see.”


Trachtenberg’s reveal that Prey won’t include the iconic Predator weapon of the plasma caster is sure to come as a surprise for fans of the franchise given its appearance in every previous film. They may find themselves further surprised given both the original teaser and official Prey trailer saw a tribe member targeted by the three red dots generally associate with the plasma caster from previous films. Additionally, the Prey poster sees this targeting reticle aimed at Midthunder’s Naru, creating a point of curiosity as to which weapon is taking its place in the Predator prequel movie.

Though longtime franchise fans may find themselves disappointed by the lack of the iconic Predator weapon, Trachtenberg’s explanation of wanting to keep the fight “as exciting as possible” and tease of new gadgets is sure to keep anticipation high for Prey. The recently released trailer was met with much enthusiasm from audiences for its returning the Predator movies to the survivalist thrills of the original Arnold Schwarzenegger-fronted movie as well as its diverse story and characters, with the subsequent confirmation the film will include a Comanche-language dub option being very well-received. Only time will tell if the Predator prequel movie can live up to the anticipation when Prey hits Hulu on August 5.

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Source: Empire

Prey/Predator 5 (2022)Release date: Aug 05, 2022

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