Why RHOC’s Noella Thinks The Cast Was Jealous Of Her ‘Agony’

Why RHOC's Noella Thinks The Cast Was Jealous Of Her 'Agony'

Followers of The Real Housewives of Orange County were surprised to learn that Noella Bergener feels that the rest of the cast is jealous of her.

Noella Bergener from The Real Housewives of Orange County accused her fellow castmates of being jealous of her. Noella shook up the latest season of the franchise and rubbed a few ladies the wrong way. Now the mother of two is speaking her truth about how the other women truly feel about her.

Noella’s freshman season began with her in a happy marriage to James Bergener, only to lose it all halfway through the season. The model started RHOC season 16 at the highest of highs and living in the lap of luxury, including owning a private plane. Unfortunately, a surprise divorce knocked the Bravo star off her feet. While there is no doubt that Noella is an excellent RHOC addition, thanks to her made-for-TV moments, some of the other women were not a fan of her. Now Noella is opening up about how she thinks the women feel about her.


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After a poorly received RHOC season 15, the network had no choice but to let some old faces go and embrace a few newbies. Luckily they found Noella, who is more than willing to share her life with the cameras. As viewers got to know her, many could see that she had issues fitting in with the group. Recently, Noella told Page Six that she felt the other RHOC ladies were jealous of her “agony.” The 36-year-old told the outlet that her life after divorce was a “weird world” to be in. Noella, who had many scandalous moments on RHOC, noted that she tried to grieve her divorce, but most of the conversations were shut down by the other women.

Noella pointed out that some of the other RHOC women were judging her and how she chose to cope with the breakup. Fans could tell most of the cast was tired of Noella turning each conversation back to her. Some even felt she was putting on theatrics to garner more screentime. Noella shared that she felt her emotions annoyed her RHOC co-stars. Viewers will recall that Heather Dubrow was the most vocal against Noella’s behavior.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County were happy to hear that Noella’s divorce had been finalized. The former couple is still working out spousal support, but Noella is now free to move on with her life, hopefully agony-free. Noella is back on Seeking.com and happily looking for a new man to join her life. Bravo has yet to announce a new season of the franchise, but most fans assume Noella will be asked back.

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