Why Tammy Slaton Calls Herself ‘Lil Kitty’

Why Tammy Slaton Calls Herself 'Lil Kitty'

Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb Sisters decided to call herself “Lil Kitty” and danced in a new TikTok with fans wishing she’d care about her health.

Star of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton, stunned viewers by dubbing herself “Lil Kitty” while also bashing the idea of rehab. TLC viewers wish she would start to take her health more seriously, but Tammy refuses. Instead, she is living her life as if she is not on borrowed time.

Tammy is not on the fans’ good side as the Kentucky native has failed one too many times when it comes to making big changes in her life. For three seasons, Tammy has claimed that she has wanted to better herself and qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Instead, her bad attitude has sidelined her as she is often seen as self-sabotaging herself. Tammy refuses to take accountability and has turned to giving herself odd nicknames as a form of coping with her issues. While most fans could agree that nicknames are fun, some feel Tammy’s are a bit odd.


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1000-Lb Sisters fans noted that Tammy took to her TikTok to grant herself a new name. While still in the rehab facility, she played a video that showed a filter calling her “Lil Kitty.” While bopping her head along to Eminem’s song, “My Name Is”, Tammy, giggled at the cute name drop. The filter was helping to generate rap name options, with Tammy finally landing on the feline term. Among some other options were¬†“Da Disease” and “King Mommy.”

Tammy Slaton holding a drink in 1000-lb Sisters

Tammy was also seen lip syncing to Eminem’s lyrics with an oxygen tube still in her throat. Queen Tammy has been staying inside the rehab facility since early January after almost dying. Doctors have wanted the reality star more than once that her life is in danger. Most of Tammy’s followers did not appreciate the video, as many noted that she almost died while refusing to better herself.

Tammy has recently lost over 100 pounds after her lung collapsed on her. At the time, doctors has no choice but to put her in a medically induced coma in hopes of saving her life. Luckily, the decision worked with Tammy waking up after some intense few days and major decisions. With 1000-Lb Sisters season 3 having come to an end, viewers are hoping that a season 4 will show Tammy finally embracing a total lifestyle change or risk not waking up again. For now, Tammy seems content with her new persona and rap name and will probably be back on TikTok very soon.

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