Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Actually Do the Thing?

Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Actually Do the Thing?

I almost can’t believe Steven, Imran, Natalie, and I have talked about RPGs for one hundred episodes on our podcast, 99 Potions. That’s a lot of chitchat and analysis about falling in love war criminals, the fleeting but delicious crumbs we get from our favorite publishers, and the systems that make our minds race. This week, we had a lot to cover! We got announcements for two hotly-anticipated sequels: Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Our discussion about the flawed-but-brilliant Dragon’s Dogma is a great addendum to my conversation with Mike Williams this past week on Thanks for the Knowledge about how the sequel will enter into a post-Elden Ring world and how that bodes well for Capcom’s RPG. But the bulk of our conversation was centered around the massive Final Fantasy VII related news of the Crisis Core re-release and the sequel to one of 2020’s best games, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Rebirth kind of set all of our brains on fire in regards to where the trilogy (yes, it’s now officially a trilogy) could go after the limiter was torn off of the story we know in Remake. The trailer for Rebirth helped stoke that fire, showing Cloud and Sephiroth walking side by side toward something. Could it be Nibelheim? Could it be something else?

But that’s not The Big Question. Oh no. That honor belongs to the consideration of Aerith’s ultimate fate. Will Rebirth follow the path laid out by the original 1997 game? Will it follow a new path? What we definitely all agree upon is that Aerith has a deeper understanding of what’s going on in this new narrative, but the rest? You’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out!

Topics covered in this week’s episode:

Dragon’s Dogma is flawed but great
Dragon’s Dogma 2 could be huge in a post-Monster Hunter World, post-Elden Ring world
Square-Enix loooooves their expensive merch
Crisis Core introduces a lot of needless complexity into the world of Final Fantasy VII, but not all of it is bad!
Final Fantasy Rebirth ought to fix Remake‘s refusal to change materia mid-battle
Remember Cait Sith in Remake? That was super funny.
Final Fantasy Rebirth could go in a million different directions and that’s exciting!

Transcript of the episode coming soon!

Author: Deann Hawkins