Witcher 3: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

Witcher 3: Best Things to Do After Beating The Game


For players looking to prolong their time within the world of The Witcher 3 should try out some of these activities after beating the main story. With how big and beautiful this open-world RPG is, many players may to reluctant to leave it behind for new adventures. Luckily, the world still has much to offer beyond the main storyline.

While some activities may take longer or be more tedious, there are plenty of quests to fill up the player’s time throughout the world. Ranging from collections to full-on completing questlines related to specific characters, there is so much to do.

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Luckily for The Witcher 3 fans, the game offers a plethora of content to experience after beating the main story. With two expansions that could be classified as standalone games, lengthy side quests, mini-games, and new builds to try out, players can keep playing The Witcher 3 for many more hours. While these activities are just scratching the surface of what the game offers, here are some of the best things players can do after beating The Witcher 3. 

Activities to Do After Beating The Witcher 3’s Main Story

The Witcher 3 Cockatrice

Fully Romance Triss Marigold and/or Yennefer of Vengerberg

Although the debate of whether Triss or Yennefer is better for Geralt overall will likely never be answered, players can choose for themselves which of these two they would rather have in their life.

After meeting her in the main quest A Favor for Radovid, if Geralt wishes to purse Triss, he’ll need to complete her side quests Now or Never and A Matter of Life and Death. During the side quest A Matter of Life and Death, Geralt will need to kiss Triss at the masquerade, and when playing through the quest, Now or Never, he will need to defend the mages and tell Triss that he loves her before she leaves.  

Geralt will have many more chances to romance Yennefer throughout The Witcher 3, though it is more complicated. Geralt will need to have completed The King is Dead – Long Live the King quest. To catch Yennefer’s eyes, make sure to wear the black and white outfit. After discovering the Earth Elemental, choose to kiss Yennefer and she’ll safely transport you out of the area. The next encounter Geralt can have with Yennefer will be during the quest The Last Wish, where he can confess his love for her. As the last encounter with Yennefer before her happy life with Geralt, the two meet once more in the No Place Like Home quest where they can retire to her bedroom together.

Remember that if Geralt tries to go after both ladies, he will not receive a good ending. However, there are other more minor characters in The Witcher 3 that he can romance along with his questing throughout the game without any sort of repercussions.

Collect Every Gwent Card

One of the longer side quests within the game requires Geralt to collect every Gwent card in The Witcher 3. The only way that he can accomplish this task is to beat other players at Gwent in each large city. These wins will gain him specialized cards that he cannot buy off of traders.

There are 18 different vendors that Geralt can buy cards from across the world. These include innkeepers, traders, quartermasters, and more. However, these are not difficult cards to get or earn. The difficult ones come from playing and beating other characters. Luckily, players won’t have to give up a card from their deck if they lose.

To earn cards from other characters, Geralt will need to complete several quests. This includes Gwent: Playing Innkeepers, Nilfgaardian Nobleman, Gwent: Velen Players, Gwent: Big City Players, Gwent: Old Pals, Gwent: Skellige Style, A Matter of Life and Death, A Dangerous Game, Shock Therapy, and Gwent: High Stakes. All of these quests have at least one character that Geralt must defeat in a Gwent match.

Other characters not related to quests will also have cards for Geralt to win. These usually include innkeepers, merchants, blacksmiths, and armorers, among others. The DLC content the player has can also have an impact on what people Geralt can win from and how certain situations will play out if a card is missed.

Complete a DLC and/or Expansion Packs

For players who haven’t sunk their teeth into the DLCs, they are great after-completion activities. Though there are free pieces of DLC, the big ones are those that players pay for such as The Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. With both of these DLCs taking roughly 10 hours of playtime, there is plenty for the player to seek out.

Hearts of Stone is an add-on adventure featuring a character that is met early on in the game in White Orchard. The character requires Geralt’s help with a cursed man who lives eternally despite going through lots of bodily harm. This DLC covers monster hunting, curses, heists, and parties.

Blood and Wine is another add-on adventure that grants Geralt access to Toussaint. Toussaint is a beautiful piece of remote land that has escaped any real threat of war. However, Geralt is brought there to resolve an issue with a certain beast that is terrorizing Toussaint’s citizens.

Start a NEW GAME+ Adventure 

Due to The Witcher 3’s multiple branching storylines, players who want to know all possible endings can get started with a New Game+ adventure. Since many choices lead to different outcomes, players can experience a different story from their original playthrough. It’s worth pointing out that players get to retain all of their weapons and armor from the first playthrough but can also try new OP builds in The Witcher 3. However, players will not be able to power through the story because enemies in The Witcher 3 also scale with the player in this mode.

Complete Monster Contracts

As Geralt is primarily a monster hunter, and the world he lives in is plagued by them, there isn’t any shortage of work for the guy. In total, there are 27 different side quest contracts available for Geralt at any time. This list includes ones in the DLCs.

White Orchard only has one, called Devil By the Well. There are nine in Velen, Jenny o’ the Woods, Missing Brother, Mysterious Tracks, Phantom of the Trade Route, Shrieker, Swamp Thing, The Merry Widow, The Mystery of the Byways Murders, and Woodland Beast. In Novigrad, there are seven, An Elusive Thief, Deadly Delight, Doors Slamming Shut, Lord of the Wood, The Apiarian Phantom, The White Lady, and The Oxenfurt Drunk. Skellige has five, Dragon, Here Comes the Groom, Muire D’yaeblen, Strange Beast, and The Phantom of Eldberg. Finally, Blood and Wine has the last five, Big Game Hunter, Bovine Blues, Equine Phantoms, Feet as Cold as Ice, and The Tufo Monster. 

Go on Treasure Hunts

Along with monster contracts, there are also side quests where Geralt can seek out all sorts of hidden treasure. This creates another 27 quests that will get players to travel across the world. This doesn’t include the scavenger hunt quests.

The first three are in White Orchard, Deserter Gold, Dirty Funds, and Temerian Valuables. A good chunk of them are the 10 within Velen, these are An Unfortunate Turn of Events, A Costly Mistake, Blood Gold, Hidden from the World, Lost Goods, Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire, Sunken Chest, Sunken Treasure, The Things Men Do For Coin…, and Tough Luck. 

Finally, the majority of these treasures can be found in the DLC Blood and Wine. These 14 are Applied Escapology, Around the World in… Eight Days, But Other Than That, How Did You Enjoy the Play?, Coin Doesn’t Stink, Don’t Take Candy From a Stranger, Filibert Always Pays His Debts, The Black Widow, The Curse of Carnarvon, The Inconstant Gardener, The Last Exploits of Selina’s Gang, The Suffering of Young Francois, The Toussaint Prison Experiment, Waiting for Goe and Doh, and What Was This About Again?.

Watch The Witcher on Netflix

Finally, if a player is still craving more Witcher content after that, there are other forms outside of the games. Several books cover the series and there is the new Netflix series. The first season has 8 episodes, each roughly an hour long.

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The Witcher 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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