Wordle 357: June 11, 2022 Hints & Answer

Wordle 357: June 11, 2022 Hints & Answer

The June 11th Wordle shouldn’t be too hard to solve, but for those who need help here are the daily hints, and full answer, to today’s Wordle.

The June 11th Wordle is ready for players to solve and today’s answer shouldn’t be too difficult for most. Wordle is a simple once-a-day word game that tasks players with guessing a single five-letter word within six guesses. Once a word is guessed the game will provide hints by highlighting certain letters in different colors. If a letter is highlighted in green it is correct, yellow means a correct letter but in the wrong spot, and grey means the letter isn’t in the answer at all. Using these clues players have only six chances to guess the correct word for the day.

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Wordle gained popularity all throughout early 2022 with many people all over the internet sharing their results on social media. This constant influx of users flooded Twitter and Facebook with Wordle’s little colored emoji boxes and drew in more players every day. Eventually, the game was purchased by The New York Times and moved over to their website. The game continues to challenge players for free every day with no end in sight.

Today’s Wordle Hints (June 11th #357)

Wordle 357 June 11th Hints

For those players who just need a little help, here are a few hints before the fully spoiled Wordle answer.

Hint 1: Today’s Wordle answer contains a repeated letter.Hint 2: A recent Untitled Game has this type of character causing mischief all over a quiet town.Hint 3: Today’s answer could be a bird, a silly person, or a pinch on the bottom.

Today’s Wordle Answer (June 11th #357)

Wordle 357 June 11th Attempt

The June 11th Wordle answer is GOOSE.

For our starting Wordle word today, we used IRATE which provided only a single correctly placed ‘E’ and a lot of incorrect letters. Our second attempt was PLUME, this only added to the collection of incorrect letters. The third guess took much longer to come up with as we stared at the available letters left, we tried CHOKE. This only helped out a small bit by adding a correctly placed ‘O’ and even more incorrect letters. Finally, after an embarrassing amount of time staring at the screen, we guessed GOOSE and got a win in four guesses. The double ‘O’ is what caused so much strife with today’s Wordle as we couldn’t come up with any words until we realized that there might be a double vowel in there, but that’s what makes the game exciting every day.

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