Yara Embraces Jovi’s Love Of Beer In New Instagram Post

Yara Embraces Jovi's Love Of Beer In New Instagram Post

After dropping hints of them getting a divorce, 90 Day Fiancé fan-favorite couple Jovi shares a fun video featuring Yara flaunting her bikini body.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya served husband Jovi Dufren his favorite beer while wearing a bikini in their Fourth of July video for Instagram followers. Jovi, 30, and his 26-year-old wife Yara were introduced to fans in the TLC show’s season 7. Yara and Jovi had met on a travel app and traveled the world for six months leading to their engagement and the beginning of Yara’s K-1 journey. Fans watched as Yara became pregnant and warned Jovi to change his party-boy image, only for him to keep on disappointing her and leading to discussions about divorce even before they married in Las Vegas in February 2020.


Yara welcomed her and Jovi’s baby girl Mylah in September 2020, and then showed fans more ups and downs from their relationship on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6. Initially, viewers thought Yara was a gold digger who’d married Jovi for his money, because she liked to splurge on expensive brands and vacations. But Yara seemed annoyed with Jovi’s American lifestyle, especially his interest in drinking and strip clubs. She would talk about leaving him behind and moving back to Ukraine with her daughter at the drop of a hat, and was ready to do so when the couple had a pregnancy scare and they thought they’d be welcoming a second child.

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However, in the last two years, Yara seems to have embraced the American way of living and is also more accepting of Jovi’s love for beer. On the occasion of Independence Day, Jovi shocked Instagram by posting a video of himself and Yara that a fan had requested. Last week, Jovi asked 90 Day Fiancé fans to suggest to him what he could do with Yara to celebrate the Fourth of July. “Yara in a Bikini serving you a cold American beer. And you have to show us,” was a fan’s request. “You asked and we delivered,” Jovi wrote in his caption. The video showed Jovi relaxing by a beach, which fans think is Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans.

Wearing a blue, star-printed tank top and lounging in his chair, Jovi sees his wife Yara running towards him in a stars and stripes-themed two-piece swimsuit. Yara is carrying a beer which she then cracks open and feeds to her husband before exiting the screen as “4th Of July (Fireworks)” by Kelis plays in the background. Fans couldn’t believe that 90 Day Fiancé couple Jovi and Yara actually went ahead with the idea. “Keep it up! My fave 90 day couple,” wrote one of Jovi’s followers. Others joined in wishing the TLC pair a happy Fourth.

Jovi sparked rumors of divorce with Yara recently after he revealed they are going through a rough patch. As per Jovi, he and Yara don’t have time for each other. This communication gap is due to their busy schedules and their being parents to a toddler. Jovi and Yara also need to pick the next city they’ll be moving to, as their search has now become never-ending. However, this new Instagram reel makes it look like Jovi and Yara are taking out time for each other during the national holiday. Fans believe that their romance on 90 Day Fiancé has been real and therefore, have full faith in the fact that Jovi and Yara will never split.

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