Young Sheldon Reveals Missy’s Worst Trait Came From Mary

Young Sheldon Reveals Missy’s Worst Trait Came From Mary

Young Sheldon season 5, episode 20 revealed that Missy Cooper’s most destructive and characteristic, self-sabotage, came from her mother, Mary.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 5.

Young Sheldon has revealed that Missy (Raegan Revord) got her worst trait from her mother, Mary (Zoe Perry). It’s no secret that the pair doesn’t have the best relationship, as they tend to antagonize each other. But despite their differences, Missy and Mary actually share a destructive trait that makes their respective lives miserable.

With Young Sheldon season 5 involving Georgie’s story as a young expectant father, the Cooper family has come to terms with this big development in their lives. Everyone has their respective opinion about how to move forward with this. But while Meemaw (Annie Potts) is more concerned about making Mandy (Emily Osment) feel supported, George Sr. (Lance Barber) and Mary argue about getting Georgie (Montana Jordan) married. George is against the idea, but Mary insists on it, not because it’s the best for everyone, but because she wants to preserve her pure image in her church.


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The hypocrisy in Mary’s explanation as to why she wants Georgie to marry Mandy isn’t lost on George. The Cooper patriarch confronted his wife about her misguided justification for her stance on the matter. In Young Sheldon season 5, episode 20, “Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker,” Mary further highlights how important the perception of others is to her, effectively making Mary insufferable like Sheldon was in The Big Bang Theory. Worried that Georgie’s news will spread out soon, she seeks out Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) for advice. But instead of looking for guidance, all she wants to know is if she doesn’t become liable for Georgie’s mistakes because she wanted him and Mandy to get married — they just won’t do it. This behavior is reminiscent of Missy’s tendency to allow other people’s opinions to influence her actions. Until now, she struggles to fit in with her so-called friends, and time and again, she has proven that she’s willing to do anything to fit in with them.

What’s interesting is that Missy’s Young Sheldon insistence on impressing her peers has resulted in a couple of arguments between her and Mary in season 5. There was a point when she wanted to buy the same red mini skirt that her friends have, but her mom was against it. Luckily (or not) for her, Meemaw stepped in to pay for the garment. More recently, Missy insisted on babysitting Pastor Jeff’s baby because Heather M. (Sophia Coto) did it. Granted that she ultimately regretted her decision, but from the get-go, Mary already shot down the idea, trying to control her only daughter. It doesn’t seem like Missy and Mary realize that they share this destructive trait and no other Cooper family member appears to notice it at this point. But perhaps if Mary changes her ways, Missy will be compelled to also do the same.

During Missy’s final The Big Bang Theory appearance, she seemed to be more confident in her own judgment. Unfortunately, Mary sounded like she continued to prioritize other people’s opinions of her and her family more than anything. This is evidenced by her attempt to downplay Missy’s impending divorce — as if her marriage is still salvageable. Given this brief look into the future, expect that Mary and Missy’s relationship in Young Sheldon will continue to deteriorate moving forward.

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Young Sheldon season 5 airs Thursday on CBS.

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