Young Sheldon Star Reminds Fans That Sheldon & Missy Are Now Full Teenagers

Young Sheldon Star Reminds Fans That Sheldon & Missy Are Now Full Teenagers

Young Sheldon actress Raegan Revord reminds fans that both Sheldon and Missy are now full teenagers on The Big Bang Theory prequel sitcom.

Raegan Revord reminds fans that characters Missy and Sheldon (Iain Armitage) are now full-grown teenagers on Young Sheldon. The Big Bang Theory spin-off is down to just several episodes before it officially wraps up its current season. Before that, it will celebrate its monumental 100th episode and, while commemorating it, Revord looks back at how far she and her on-screen twin have come since the sitcom premiered in 2017.

When Young Sheldon debuted, it was supplementary content to The Big Bang Theory, with the shows airing back-to-back in its first two years. When its parent show wrapped up in 2019, the spin-off has since stood on its own. While it still hasn’t reached the same level of popularity that the geek-centric show enjoyed, it is CBS’ highest-rated comedy. Now, Young Sheldon is poised to cross its 100th episode milestone — a feat that has become rarer, especially in network shows. But while the rest of the public will have to wait for the outing to air, there was actually a special screening of the episode recently which was attended by its main cast.


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That included Revord, who shared various images and videos from the same event on her official social media accounts. On Instagram Stories, she shared an adorable photo with Armitage, writing that when Young Sheldon began, they were nine years old. Now, they are both fully grown up. Check out a screenshot of the actress’ post below:

Raegan Revord Young Sheldo

Despite this, CBS has been able to get away with slowing down the aging process for the actors. In Young Sheldon, they’re still just around 11/12 years old. But, as both Raegan and Armitage physically grow up, the network cannot do this for much longer, forcing the show’s writers to start setting up George’s (Lance Barber) fall from grace. Considering how popular The Big Bang Theory spin-off is, it makes sense that CBS is trying to keep it on the air for as long as they can. Unfortunately, with an established timeline that includes the Cooper patriarch’s cheating when his kids were 13, and his eventual death the year after, the show can’t run indefinitely. It’s still uncertain how they’re planning on doing this rather dark storyline, but it’s imperative that they do since it’s a big part of Sheldon’s life.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the return of Young Sheldon on the air. Right now, the show is on a two-week break to pave the way for NCAA’s March Madness, but when it returns, it will broadcast its 100th episode. It doesn’t seem like there will be a The Big Bang Theory guest star, but it will see the return of McKenna Grace’s Paige, which means that fans will see an interesting narrative for Sheldon. Elsewhere, George and Mary (Zoe Perry) will be in an awkward position after Meemaw (Annie Potts) and Dale’s (Craig T. Nelson) break-up.

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